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Igrejo do Carmo, Portugal

Take Your Seat, Europe

Country #29
September 2023


"Like many others from around the world, we have travelled long distances to see Porto’s Igrejo do Carmo for ourselves. As we admire this shining example of Portugal’s azulejo tile-work for the first time, a grandmother and her grandson walk their daily route to school. The same late-Baroque church that stops us in our tracks holds no sway over the locals and the familiar path ahead of them.

We promise each other to always try to see the world with fresh eyes. Will you?"

On exhibition at Toronto Pearson Airport - IFC Terminal
60x90cm (24x36") on aluminum dibond
Limited edition of 100

For prints, please contact us.



Team in Portugal: Spencer VanDerStarren, Marine Beaucaire

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Take Your Seat is led by Randy and Spencer VanDerStarren.


Together, this father-and-son team has given a chair a voice; one that speaks a universal language of unity, responsibility, and individual power that is being shared with audiences around the world.

Take Your Seat and their director's chair have had the privilege of being hosted in 32 countries and counting. We extend a heartfelt thank you for being part of our chair's ongoing journey! Contact us here.

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