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What if a chair could connect us?

Our ongoing global portrait series

The people in this series, as disparate as they may initially seem, all share the same ideals:

We all want to be loved, to be respected, and to live in peace.

Our clothes, our dialect, our food, and our daily lives may be exotic to others. However, at our heart level, we are all very much alike. Surface differences soon fade as we become more in tune with the deeper bond of humanity that connects us all.

Chair in tow, we approach life and our art with connection as our guide. True connection to others, to our planet, and to our best selves, now feels possible. We recognize ourselves in each other. 

You, too, are invited to Take Your Seat!


Take Your Seat is led by Randy and Spencer VanDerStarren.


Together, this father-and-son team has given a chair a voice; one that speaks a universal language of unity, responsibility, and individual power that is being shared with audiences around the world.

Take Your Seat and their director's chair have had the privilege of being hosted in 33 countries and counting. We extend a heartfelt thank you for being part of our chair's ongoing journey! Contact us here.

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